Friday, June 7, 2013

HiShop May Ambassador Surprise Pack

♫ SHINee 샤이니 - Lucifer
Tadaa! Winter Blossoms' May Surprise Pack from HiShop :)
As part of the HiShop Beauty Ambassadors, I was looking forward to receiving my pink box this month, as it was supposed to be a box curated especially for each individual blogger according to their preferences. Sure enough, the parcel arrived at my doorstep right on time, and I wasted no time in opening up the bright pink box to see what surprises awaited me. (☆▽☆)

Farmasi CC Cream (Light to Medium)
In my May Surprise box, I received 3 items and 3 vouchers. The first thing that I saw was a small box covered in bubble wrap, which turned out to be a tube of Farmasi CC Cream. The shade I got is Light to Medium, which should suit my skintone. I've seen reviews of this CC cream from other bloggers who received in their previous box, but I haven't opened it to try yet. 

Mircoz Premium Brightening Mask
The second item is a sheet mask, which is the Mircoz Premium Brightening Mask. I'm glad to receive this in my May box, because I've been on a mask craze lately and using sheet masks about twice a week. The mask is described as "the ultimate powerful mask with whitening and moisturizing effects" on the HiShop website, and retails at RM 35.00 per piece ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ so I definitely have some high hopes for this mask.

Twistband in Red
Last but not least was this interesting little piece of 'cloth', which is actually a Twistband. I'd heard of Twistbands before from overseas bloggers, but felt kinda skeptical of how good it was, since to me it just looked like a regular hair tie. I usually use a big clip to keep my hair up, but after using this Twistband for a few days, I really liked it! It was very soft, extremely stretchy, didn't leave marks in my hair even after leaving it in a ponytail for the whole day.
My only complaint was that my Twistband was damaged when I received it (see the hole there?) and the knot immediately came undone even before I'd taken it out from the paper holder. >_< Had no choice but to re-tie it with a dead knot.

Discount vouchers
As usual, they also included discount vouchers for, MilkADeal and HiShop. ::)

Pinky red theme for May Surprise box! :P
I quite liked the contents of my May Ambassador Surprise Pack, although I was slightly disappointed that I didn't receive any of the Jelly Pong Pong products. (ᴗ˳ᴗ) Also, did you notice that my entire box had a sort of red/pink theme going on?! (≧∇≦)

If you like any of the products here, just head on over to and use the code HISURPRISE to get RM20 off any purchase (minimum RM99).

That's all for today! Hmm... I wonder what surprises the June surprise box will bring. ;)


Blair said...

RM 35/piece? That mask better be able to fly! Ahahaha

Mieza Everdeen said...

i received the CC Cream too, so far it has served me well :) can't wait to see your review ^_^

LauraLeia said...

Blair: HAHAHA IKR! It's more expensive than a whole box of masks!

Arleene said...

Do you want to follow eachother via gfc?

Beautiful Things (Angie) said...

I read a lot about the twist band as well ... And you got yours in red colour :)

Ahleessa said...

Oh CC Cream... I've been wanting to try them. I hope you do a thorough review.

Mizu chan said...

oh..CC cream :) I got the BB cream from the previous box..

LauraLeia said...

Arleene: Thank you for dropping by! :)

Angie: Yesh, I love the colour! But too bad it was damaged. I tied it back but it just doesn't look the same (and it will still become untied lllorz)

Ahleessa: So far I'm only using the Tony Moly CC cream. XD Not sure if I'll be reviewing this CC cream though. >_<

Mizu: Oooh, you got the BB cream! Is it nice? :)

Swee San said...

wow RM 35/mask ??

you can try to ask mabel if you can change the band.. ?

LauraLeia said...

Swee San: IKR! :O Was kinda amazed at the price for a single mask, lol. Nah, no point asking for a replacement for such a small thing. And I can still use it, just that it doesn't look as 'good' now, haha

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