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Beauty14 Expo at KL Convention Centre + Haul

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Over the weekend, I paid a visit to the annual Beauty Expo at KLCC with my friend. It's a huge event where hundreds of local and international exhibitors from the beauty industry converge to showcase and expand their business. Although it's targeted mostly towards those in the beauty industry (e.g. hairdressers, salon owners, spa owners, makeup artists, nail art professionals, etc), the expo is also open to the public. This is good news if you're a makeup/nail/skincare enthusiast looking for some sweet deals. Don't believe me? Read on! ;)

The expo is practically the same every year I've been there, so it's quite easy to navigate around. The halls are divided into different sections, which are Spa & Wellness, Hair Products, Nail Products, and Makeup & Education. They also have region-specific sections, such as Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

(Photo from Beauty Expo website)
The expo literally looks the same every year, so I'm not going to post a bunch of photos of the inside (you can check out last year's pics), but I did take photos of some things that caught my eye this year.

Pretty gel nail polish bottles
Hands down the prettiest (gel) nail polish bottles I've ever seen. Anna Sui, eat your heart out.

Mini sports balls?
No, lip balms!
Lip balms packaged to look like mini sports balls. There's a golf ball one that looks exactly like the real thing! Not quite sure what brand this is from, but it's under the same company that brings in Solone makeup (Taiwanese brand).

Girl de Provence fragrances by Girls Generation/SNSD
Girls Generation/SNSD fans might want to take note - now you can smell like your favourite SNSD member! The fragrance is called Girl de Provence and there are 9 scents in total, with each SNSD member having their own signature scent. Unfortunately, they have only brought in 3 for the Beauty Expo. Chatted to the friendly SA at the booth and got information that these *might* be available at Sephora sometime in the future! (¬‿¬) Not an SNSD fan by far, but I have to admit that the fragrances smell lovely.

Baylis & Harding lotions, body cremes and fragrances
The Baylis & Harding booth is one that will definitely attract your attention, with its pretty flower-strewn booth and typical English style decor. My mum absolutely loves everything rose-scented from this particular brand, which is sold at Metrojaya. They had some really irresistible offers exclusively during the expo.

On to the haul!

Tadaa! My Beauty14 Expo haul~
I would never forgive myself if I came back empty-handed amidst all the crazy promotions and discounts at Beauty14 Expo. (~˘▾˘)~ My friend apparently felt the same, because we actually went back the next day (Sunday + Monday) to grab more stuff, lol.

Nail products
Nail stickers, nail polish (China Glaze; score!) and some cheap striping polish, because everybody knows by now that I'm a serious nail polish/art lover.

mask sheets
Assorted sheet masks
I will not forgive myself if I did not buy any sheet masks from the expo. They are crazy cheap! Pro tip: If they're selling for cheap, make sure any sheet masks you buy are from trusted suppliers, and also note the expiry dates.

eyeliner lipstick
Tested out these Solone gel eyeliner pencils and was totally impressed by the pigmentation and quality! Also spotted my HG lipstick Peripera My Color Lips sold at one of the booths, and grabbed one for a steal. ψ(`∇´)♥ I'll be doing reviews for these soon, so keep a look out for them!

Total damage from my Beauty14 Expo haul? Less than RM95. (๑>◡<๑) *flips hair*
Now, time for me to live off of bread and plain water for the next 3 months. ಥ_ಥ


Carolyn Tay said...

shouldnt have click on this.... shit.... nuuuuuu :'(

Christine // Shamelessly Polished said...

Nice haul! Am totally hating myself now for not going and missing out on the China Glazes!! I was at KLCC that weekend and deliberated for a while but ended up not going (website says its for trade and business visitor only). Worst decision ever =(

Sakuranko said...

Oh very great convention!
Lovely haul!
Thanks for share that cute pics~

Sakuranko said...

Oh very great convention!
Lovely haul!
Thanks for share that cute pics~

Sakuranko said...

Oh very great convention!
Lovely haul!
Thanks for share that cute pics~

Sakuranko said...

Oh very great convention!
Lovely haul!
Thanks for share that cute pics~

Ahleessa C said...

What a fun expo! You got Peripera lipstick. So jealous!

Omoshiroi Ya said...

Great haul, Laura!

Try out more of the Y.E.T. Korea Nail Stickers at discounted price here!

LauraLeia said...


Christine: Thank you! Aww.. you should have went in if you're looking for cheap OPI and China Glaze polishes. Nvm, you can visit it next year! :)

Sakuranko: Hehe yes it was fun! :D

Ahleesa: Indeed! I didn't expect to see it being sold there, and at such a discount. Definitely a great score at the expo. ;)

Omoshiroi Ya: Thank you~ ^^ Will check out your sales soon, hehe!

ShopGirl said...

Nice post and shame I didn't know about this expo my purse thanks me for my ignorance.

Is it in anyway similar to IBE? I actually didn't find too many bargains at IBE but am glad I went because I was on a targeted mission for Hakuhodo alone which was actually for sale at around 20-30% less than the Hakuhodo website now. Best decision ever.

Bijin Blair said...

Wow! I gotta keep an eye out. I wanna go to the expo! Do they charge a fee or can you enter just like that?

LauraLeia said...

ShopGirl: Sometimes I wish I didn't know about it so that my wallet won't be crying bloody tears afterwards, lol! If you're looking to buy items, this Beauty Expo would be much better than IBE, in my opinion, although it's mostly salon/spa brands that you will hardly hear about, as well as Taiwan/Korea/Singapore brands. It's a good idea to visit if you're looking to discover new brands and products. :D Ah, I remember you were raving about the Hakuhodo brushes, hehe~ They're out of my budget, I'm afraid, but I'd love to just feel how soft they are, lol.

Blair: They have it once or twice a year, if I remember correctly, although it might be by different organizers. They do charge an entrance fee of RM10 for the public to enter; for traders and salon owners; entrance is free but you'll have to register at the counters. :)

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