[Beauty Finds] SaSa Double Pencil Sharpener

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Yes, I'm blogging about a (makeup) pencil sharpener.
No, I'm not crazy - yet.

I was so fascinated by it that I posted an Instagram video when I got home to show how it works opens up.

Okay, something like this might be pretty normal to you, but to me, it's a pretty amazing beauty tool that I recently discovered. I've always been a liquid eyeliner kinda gal so I didn't have much use for sharpeners, but being a makeup aficionado means that you'll inevitably end up with some products that you (1) hardly use but still own several of anyway, or (2) love to use but can't be bothered to sharpen, which in my case are pencil eyeliners.

My point is, pencil eyeliners offer so much more variety in terms of colours, but they also need to be sharpened, and really, ain't nobody got time for that! Anyway, I'll let the pictures (and captions) do most of the talking.
It comes with a sturdy plastic case, very convenient for travel.
Flip up the lid at the back. There are 2 sizes to fit your eyeliner/eyebrow/eyeshadow pencil.
You can also flip up the top portion...
...as well as detach the sharpener from the plastic casing for cleaning!
It's really convenient because you can keep it in your makeup pouch to sharpen your pencils even while on-the-go, and you can remove it from the casing when it needs to be cleaned. What I did not expect to see was this...
What's this?
It's a tiny hidden scraper underneath!
It's a tiny scraper cleverly fitted under the sharpener, which you can use to scrape out any excess product after sharpening your pencils! Pretty nifty, eh? (◑‿◐)

The sizes are just right for my pencil eyeliners and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.
And so I finally got around to sharpening all my eyeliners (and that solitary Jumbo Eye Pencil which I use for the inner corners and lower waterline) today. Since it's still new, the blade sharpened the tips beautifully. I sure hope it stays that way for a long time, haha!

I can haz (almost) brand new eyeliners to use again!
Tip: You can minimize the mess made while sharpening your eyeliner/eyebrow/eyeshadow pencils, simply by placing them in the fridge (I prefer to put them in the freezer, lol) about 30mins prior to sharpening. This way the creamy part of the pencil won't stick to the blade, and makes it easier to remove and clean.

Oh, last but not least, did I mention that they're only RM 5.90 at SaSa outlets?
You can look at me like I'm crazy all you like. At least it's better than buying an overpriced high end cosmetic brand sharpener that costs upwards of US$ 8.00.

Review: 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #10 Mojito

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My fondness for anything mint-coloured is still going strong, as well as my love for eyeliners. So what do you get when you dangle the proverbial carrot in the form of a mint eyeliner like this 3CE Waterproof Eyeliner in Mojito in front of me?

Why, an overly excited makeup junkie and a review chock full of raves, of course! :P

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner
I had heard many good reviews about 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) makeup from friends and various online reviews, but never had the opportunity to try it personally. A (long) while back, Luxola had a 40% off offer storewide, and I immediately pounced on this particular mint-coloured eyeliner that caught my eye. ψ(`∇´)ψ

3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #10 Mojito
Shade indicator and sharpener
The impression I had of 3CE products was that it was all about sleek, black, and simple packaging. I was not disappointed. The 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner comes in a simple matte black box, with a glossy section at the top to indicate the eyeliner shade. The eyeliner itself is similarly presented in pencil form; a sleek matte black body with the shade indicated at the bottom, along with the built in tip sharpener.

Sticker seal for safety
Before you use it for the first time, you'll notice there is a sticker seal on the cap to make sure it has not been opened or used before. There are A LOT of counterfeit/fake 3CE products being sold online nowadays (especially their lipsticks), so it's best to purchase from guaranteed sources like Luxola or Stylenanda to ensure you get genuine products.

Retractable type eyeliner
Remove the sticker seal and cap, to reveal the pretty mint eyeliner inside. One thing I love about this, besides the sleek minimalist packaging, is that it is a retractable type eyeliner. This means no sharpening, no wastage!

Swatch of 3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in #10 Mojito
In the swatch above, you can see how bright and pigmented it is. The eyeliner is true to colour, and one layer is enough to achieve that result. It is also very smooth and creamy, no tugging on the lids. Once set (which takes about 2 seconds, tops), it doesn't budge at all. Rubbing with water does nothing to fade, smear or smudge it at all; I went about my daily tasks with a swatch on my hand, and it still looked exactly the same 3 hours later, after several hand washes and a shower. (º_º) Waterproof and smudge-proof? Check! ✓

For this simple eyeliner look, I drew a line of the mint eyeliner just slightly above the lashline (leaving a small gap), then filled in the gap with black liquid liner and a tiny flick at the end.

I can hardly express in words how much I love this 3CE Waterproof Eyeliner, not only because #10 Mojito is such a pretty mint shade, but also because of its great pigmentation and waterproof properties. Oh, and not to forget it applies like a dream, smooth and creamy with no tugging on the lids. The only (slightly) negative aspect of it? Be prepared to use a strong (oil-based or bi-phase) makeup remover. (¬‿¬)
(Remember my CLIO Gelpresso eyeliner? Well, this 3CE eyeliner ties with it at the top of my fave coloured liners list.)



The 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner (0.8g) is priced at RM 50.50 on Luxola.

✓ Pros: Sleek simple packaging, pigmented, smooth and creamy application, waterproof, smudge-proof, available in a variety of shades, retractable type eyeliner, comes with tip sharpener.
✗ Cons: Pricey, small amount of product, not easily available outside of S.Korea unless bought online.

Caution: Be careful of fake 3CE products when buying online, especially lipsticks! 

*Disclaimer: Products in this post were purchased using my own money. They were not sent in for review.

Review: Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo

♫ 丁当 - 一个人不可能

Are you a fan of herbal products? If you are, you might want to check out this herbal shampoo from Korea!

I was sent a bottle of Atomy (Atom美)Herbal Hair Shampoo to review by Cosmetic Love, a Korea-based online shop that sells a huge variety of Korean skincare, hair care, and cosmetic products. I did not expect it to be such a big bottle of shampoo (500ml), and it even comes with a box! The packaging is simple but convenient; a plastic bottle with a press pump in the shape of a leaf (a nice touch).

Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo
The Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo contains Atomy Saengmodan, a specialized prescription for hair care which combines oriental medicinal secrets with 10 complex oriental medicines to cleanse, nourish and care for hair and scalp.

The herbal ingredients of Atomy Saengmodan combine together to provide the hair and scalp with the following benefits:
  • Scalp Cleansing - removes wastes and contaminants with traditional herbal ingredients such as asparagus cochinchinensis, eclipta prostrata, and chrysanthemum.
  • Hair Trouble Treatment - cares for scalp troubles with angelica extract and tricholoro acid contents.
  • Improves Hair Texture - protects damaged hair texture with various effective ingredients such as pleuropterus multiflorus, Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz. root bark, and Swertia pseudo-chinensis extract.
The full list of ingredients are printed on the side of the box.
Click for larger image
True to its name, the Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo has a very distinct herbal smell, not unlike that of Chinese traditional herbs. Some might enjoy the scent, while others may not like it.

Personally, I am not a fan of the scent, as it reminds me too much of the taste of Chinese herbal medicine. (⌒_⌒;) However, as a shampoo, I find that it works well to clean hair and scalp, plus it has a very refreshing minty (menthol?) feeling when you shampoo your hair. The shampoo doesn't make your hair feel overly dry or have that 'squeaky' feeling after you rinse it off, but as I have coarse and damaged hair, I will still use a conditioner after shampoo. 

Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo
You can purchase the Atomy Herbal Hair Shampoo (500ml) from Cosmetic Love, which carries a wide range of Korean skincare and cosmetic products. They offer free shipping worldwide!

*This item was sent to me by Cosmetic Love for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.

Review: Secret Key Snow White Cream

♫ 李行亮 - 愿得一人心
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

That's probably the first sentence you think of when somebody mentions Snow White, right?

Secret Key Snow White Cream
Along with the Banila Co. lip crayon, Cosmetic Love also sent me a tub of this Secret Key Snow White Cream to try out.
Click for larger image
The Secret Key Snow White Cream has 5-in-1 functions, which includes whitening, as a base for makeup, provides moisture, protection from makeup chemicals, and a 5-free system that is suitable for sensitive skin.

Product information on side of box
Unfortunately, the product information (information, usage) on the box is all written in Korean. However, on the top of the box and on the sides of the tub itself, it is written that the cream contains niacinamide. Niacinamide is a type of Vitamin B3 that can help to prevent skin from losing water content, and is also able to treat uneven skin tone and to mitigate acne and red marks on the skin (source).

Upon opening the tub, you will see a protective plastic lid to prevent the cream from sticking to the screw cover. The cream is quite dense, and has a fairly strong baby powder scent. Some people may love it, but personally I am not a fan of the scent.

The cream comes with a spatula for you to scoop out the cream, which is great for hygiene purposes. Just scoop out a small dollop of the cream, place it on the back of your hand, and gently apply to your face.

Once applied onto the face (you'll need to blend it out), you'll find that your skin is slightly fairer and moisturized. It doesn't have any greasy, sticky or silicone-y feeling, but the baby powder scent does linger a bit. Personally, I will not use it as replacement for a makeup base, as it just seems like a normal whitening moisturizer to me. My skin did not break out while using it, which is good news.

✓ Pros: Smooth feeling, non-greasy, non-sticky, quite moisturizing, did not cause skin breakout, includes protective lid and spatula, affordable price.
✗ Cons: Strong baby powder scent, not recommended as replacement for makeup base, will dry up into powder form if left exposed to air for a long time.

You can purchase the Secret Key Snow White Cream (50g) from Cosmetic Love. They carry a huge variety of Korean brand cosmetics and skincare, which are 100% genuine and sourced directly from Korean retailers and manufacturers. 

*This item was sent to me by Cosmetic-Love.com for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.

Review: Banila Co. The Kissest Tinted Creamy Lip Crayon #04 FC Fuchsia

♫ Fall Out Boy - Immortals

Have you heard of Korean cosmetics brand Banila Co. before? I have read a number of reviews about their products, and it seems pretty good, but have not been able to try any because it is not available in Malaysia. :(

However, thanks to Cosmetic-Love, I was given the opportunity to try out something from their store, and promptly chose this Banila Co. The Kissest Tinted Creamy Lip Crayon in the shade #04 FC Fuchsia. You know me, I cannot resist a pretty lippie! (๑>◡<๑)

Unfortunately, all the information is printed in Hangul (Korean)

To be honest, I was initially attracted to this lip crayon because of the cute and quirky doodle design on its packaging. The lip crayon comes in a pretty box adorned with the same doodle design as the lip crayon tube itself. There is a transparent plastic cover to protect the tip, but you will need to push it in quite firmly to make sure it doesn't fall off when put into your bag, and also make sure you don't twist the lip crayon out too far in case it squishes against the top.

Retractable twist-type lip crayon
Oh yes, it is the twisty retractable type, which I love best. :D Just twist the bottom of the lip crayon to extend or retract the product.

Matching box and lip crayon!
The Kissest Tinted Creamy Lip Crayons come in a total of 6 shades, and the colour of the designs correspond to the lip crayon shade, which make it easy to identify if you happen to have more than one.

The one I have here is #04 FC (Fuchsia), a vivid purplish red colour that is right up my alley. (。◕‿◕。)

The colour is very pigmented, and the texture is very smooth and creamy. It does have a slightly sweet scent (I don't know to describe it, but I have a lip product that smells vaguely similar), but it doesn't bother me.
Lip swatch: bare lips; gradient, full opacity
This particular shade definitely lives up to its name, a vivid and pigmented fuchsia. I prefer to apply it as a gradient lip, as I find it rather too bright to wear it full on when going out. (In fact, I do this with practically all my bright lipsticks.) Due to its creamy texture, blending it for gradient lips is very easy, and leaves a nice reddish stain even after meals. It is also very moisturizing, and doesn't emphasize dry lips or lines.

✓ Pros: Pigmented, smooth and creamy, moisturizing, leaves a nice red stain even after meals, beautiful packaging, convenient retractable lip crayon design.
✗ Cons: Quite pricey compared to some other lip crayons, slightly sweet scent, not available in Malaysia.

You can purchase the Banila Co. The Kissest Tinted Creamy Lip Crayon (3.1g) from Cosmetic-Love. They also sell a wide range of Korean cosmetics and skincare products, and 100% genuine, so you can buy from them without any worries.

*This item was sent to me by Cosmetic-Love.com for review without financial compensation. All opinions expressed are completely honest and strictly my own.

Quiznos Sub @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre

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I bet you're feeling hungry right now just looking at this temptingly juicy sandwich. (¬‿¬)

Follow the #AdventuresOfZumba to find out where and what Zumba's up to next! ;)
If you're a frequent of 1 Utama like me, you'd probably have noticed the new eatery called Quiznos Subs which opened recently, located right opposite Papparich and just a few doors away from TGI Friday's.

At their grand opening last week, I had the opportunity to find out for myself how good the world famous Quiznos toasted subs tasted.
Interior of the outlet
Work area where the subs are prepared
Established in Denver, Colorado in 1981, Quiznos Sub is the pioneer in toasted sandwiches. Offering unique, chef-inspired submarine sandwiches (also known as 'subs'), soups and salads in an enhanced chic ambience, Quiznos maestros carefully craft their mouthwatering and flavourful subs using butcher-quality meats, all-natural cheeses, chef-designed signature sauces and toasted artisan bread.

Preparing the sub
Wait for it to come out through the toaster
Adding the finishing touches
After placing your order, the first half of your sub (meats and cheese placed on bread) is prepared. It is then put through the toaster (yay for melty cheese!), following which the vegetables and sauces are added.

Baja Chicken Sub
First up is the Baja (pronounced as 'ba-ha') Chicken sub (6" RM 14.90), which is a combination of chicken, smoky beef bacon, all-natural cheddar, onions, Baja sauce and chipotle mayo, laid on your choice of white, wheat or Rosemary Parmesan artisan bread. The slightly sweet and tangy Baja sauce and rich chipotle mayo went very well with the crunchy onions, generous portion of chicken and slices of beef bacon. Of course, everything tastes better with melty gooey cheese, ha!

Zesty Steak Sub
Next, we had the Zesty Steak sub (6" RM 15.90), one of their signature subs, which had beef slices, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, sautéed mushrooms, honey bourbon mustard, and zesty grille sauce atop a bed of white bread. If you love meat and gooey cheese, this is definitely the one for you. The mixture of caramelised onions and juicy sautéed mushrooms complemented the perfectly sliced beef steak, and brought together by the mustard and zesty sauce. 

This is what I call a beautiful mess
We were also invited to try their new addition to the menu - pizza! Basically, their pizzas are open-faced, slightly crispier, flat bread versions of their subs, so you can order your favourite flavours in pizza form. The pizza was accompanied by a helping of their air-fried waffle fries.

Did I mention the pizza is rectangular?
Honey Mustard Chicken Pizza

What we have here is the Honey Mustard Chicken Pizza (pizzas are priced from RM 7.90 onwards), which has toppings of chicken, beef bacon, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, onions and a honey mustard dressing, all on a perfectly-toasted rectangular pizza base. There was so much chicken on the pizza that it was literally falling off the sides. I kid you not. Each pizza is cut into 4 slices, so if you're with 2-3 other people, this would be a great appetiser or snack. I absolutely loved this one.
Air-fried Waffle Fries
Yup, seems that it's air-fried using the same toaster that toasts the subs
The air-fried waffle fries can be ordered a la carte (RM 6.90) or with a drink (RM 5/6) to accompany your sub. Unlike your regular fries, these are air-fried, which means less oil and less greasiness. Proven with my own eyes + tastebuds. They're just as crispy as your regular deep-fried fries when served fresh, but they do soften and become less crispy after a while. Best to consume as fast as possible, which isn't that hard. :P

Om nom nom nom ψ(`∇´)ψ

Are the subs worth a try? Yes. Will I be back for more? Definitely.  

Zumba approves. (¬‿¬)
Quiznos Sub Malaysia Facebook
1 Utama outlet: Lot G202, Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
(Old Wing; opposite Papparich & same row as TGI Friday's)
Tel: +603 7733 0523