Hari Raya Fragrance Promotion: GUCCI Bamboo & 007 For Women

Hari Raya is almost here, and I'll bet many ladies (and men as well) will be going shopping for new clothes, shoes, personal grooming items, and fragrances - because dressing to impress is always complemented with a beautiful fragrance (and it doesn't hurt to have beautiful bouquet of flowers), right? (✿◠‿◠)

What better way to impress your guests and hosts (and maybe that cute guy looking your way :P) than a seductive yet elegant scent? James Bond 007 for Women EDP (75ml) is the latest dangerously seductive female fragrance from the captivating world of James Bond, and you'll definitely feel like a Bond girl when wearing this scent.
Available only at KL SOGO Department Store, receive a 3-pc gift set (inclusive of a jewellery case), with the purchase of a 007 for Women EDP 75ml, and a body lotion 150ml.*

Also specially from KL SOGO Department Store (pre-order now on-line at www.klsogo.com.my, and available only after July 7, 2015), is the latest female fragrance from GUCCI - GUCCI Bamboo EDP (75ml).
If you're a fan of GUCCI fragrances, then this is the one for you! Just for the festive season, for every purchase of any 2 large-sized GUCCI fragrance (inclusive of the new GUCCI Bamboo EDP 75ml), you will receive a beautiful complimentary floral arrangement.*

Gucci Bamboo EDP 75ml & Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme EDT 90ml (RM775)
Gucci Bamboo EDP 75ml & Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia 100ml (RM849)
Gucci Bamboo EDP 75ml & Gucci Made To Measure EDT 90ml (RM766)
Gucci Bamboo EDP 75ml & Gucci Guilty Black EDT 75ml (RM862)

The GUCCI Bamboo EDP (75ml) is also available at all Parkson Department Stores nationwide from 18 June 2015 onwards; however, the floral arrangement promo is exclusively available at Sogo KL.

*Gifts are available whilst stocks last. Visuals are for illustration purposes only. Bathroom gifts may vary according to availability.

Review: BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner

I'm pretty sure you know who Jackie Chan is, but do you know he's the brand ambassador for BAWANG hair care products? 
Okay, so I admit I chuckled a little when I heard the name of the brand. Bà wáng is actually how you pronounce 霸王 in Chinese, but in Bahasa Malaysia 'bawang' means onions, hence the amusement. I received this BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner Pro Pack from HiShop to review, which includes a 200ml bottle of shampoo and a 80g tube of conditioner. 
BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner Pro Pack
I'm pretty blessed to have inherited the 'thick and dark' hair gene from dad's side of the family, so the only problem I have with my hair is that it can get very frizzy and dry, not to mention I have an extremely hard time dyeing my hair lighter than dark brown. Anyway, I took this BAWANG shampoo + conditioner for a spin, and here are my thoughts. 

First of all, BAWANG's hair care range is all based on traditional Chinese herbs, so there's a fairly strong herbal scent, even before you take the bottles out from the box. After using the Atomy herbal shampoo for a while, I'm quite used to herbal scents, but I still can't say I like it very much. This BAWANG shampoo has a thick texture that lathers up well enough, though, and it works to cleanse my scalp without leaving it overly dry. 

BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo
Next, the conditioner. I have fairly thick and chemically damaged hair so I end up using quite a lot of conditioner each time I wash my hair. The conditioner's texture is quite heavy and rich, with a much more pleasant herbal scent compared to the shampoo. After massaging it into the ends of my hair and leaving it for about 3-4 minutes, I rinsed it off and felt my hair was softer - so yes, the conditioner is okay too. 
BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner
I do like that both products don't feel overly synthetic, and is packed with 100% natural herbal essences. It's also suitable for unisex use, and those who love herbal-scented products will definitely enjoy using this.  
100% natural herbal essences, and suitable for unisex use
The BAWANG Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo & Conditioner (200ml + 80g) Pro Pack retails for RM 49.90 here, and you can also purchase the full range of BAWANG hair care products from HiShop.

Mix-Style Nekomimi Cat Ears Headphone (Pink)

♫ Taylor Swift -Bad Blood (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
(Warning: Image-heavy post!)

I actually haven't dabbled in otaku stuff for a while, but my love for cat ears (or nekomimi 猫耳) resurfaced when Rhea-chan shared with me the link to these super kawaii Mix-Style Nekomimi Headphones last month. Suffice to say, we made some very impulsive decisions and patiently waited a month for these babies to arrive.

Boy oh boy, I couldn't wait to unbox them! These are actually my second pair of Mix-Style headphones, the first being the round ones with a star in the middle, which was really popular about 4-5 years ago. My brother bought them for me when he was in Japan at thaat time.

I really love the bold colours and minimalist design utilized by Mix-Style for both their products and packaging. 

There are 10 designs for these Nekomimi Headphones, with 3 main colours (black, white, pink) for the headband part. I was torn between white and pink, but after seeing what happened to my previous pair (the rubbery parts became gooey and sticky), I decided pink would be a better choice because 1) I already have a white one, and 2) the pink was just so eye-catching and totally me. (๑>◡<๑)

(Photo: CDJapan)
To be honest, I was a little disappointed by the actual colour of the headphones, because I expected them to be more of a bright pink shade, rather than the slightly purplish fuchsia colour. The colour does look exactly the same as in the official photos, so I can't really complain, lol.

As you can see from the photos (above), the headphones can be flipped to one side when not in use to make it flat and easier for storage. There are left and right side indicators on both sides, although I find there's really no difference whichever side you put it on. (⌒_⌒;)

The headphones are also foldable, making them more compact and convenient to carry around.

The slider part allows you to adjust it according to the wearer's size
I wish they'd made this part padded so it won't hurt the scalp
The slider allows the headphones to fit any head size (?), which is pretty standard, but due to the material being plastic, it does feel kinda fragile, so I usually adjust the length before wearing them, instead of putting it on my head first then adjusting the length. Another reason is because the headband part isn't padded, thus the pressure while pulling the slider down really hurts my scalp. (๑>︵<๑)

The standard 3.5mm stereo jack makes it compatible with most audio devices. The 120cm cord is more than long enough, as I don't think many of us actually move more than 50cm from whatever device we use it for, haha! The cord itself, although very soft and flexible, does feel kind of thin. I guess I kinda expected a better quality - or at least thicker - cord for the price.

In terms of sound quality, I'd say these Mix-Style Nekomimi Headphones are pretty okay. I get that the main attraction is the cute design, but that doesn't mean they have to compromise on its functional aspects either. I'm no music major or headphone connoisseur, but these have fairly good (if just slightly too much) treble, whereas the bass seems a little muted - until you crank up the volume a bit, that is. Surprisingly, ballads sound quite good through them - I listened to 'See You Again' and '광화문에서', and loved how the singers' voices were sharp and clear.

Let's just say that it's more than good enough for long commutes on the train, but if I'm at home trying to enjoy a good album without disturbing everybody else, I'll be using my trusty Sennheisers (both for quality and comfort).

You're probably scrolling down and wondering how it looks like when worn, and I won't want to disappoint you since you've read until this point. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

A video posted by Laura Lee (@lauraleia) on
And a bonus nekomimi version! HAHAHAHA
Okay, so basically what I'm trying to say is that these headphones are adorable to the max, and the sound quality isn't too shabby either, for what most people would consider novelty headphones.

They definitely make for some interesting conversation, and are awesome costume or photo props!
(。⌒∇⌒)。Would you get a pair of these, or do you think they're a little too 'cosplay-ish' for everyday use?