Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sephora Malaysia Black Card Sale Haul

♫ EXO - Monster

Let's begin by saying... I don't really shop at Sephora. *le gasp*  

Wait, hear me out. What I mean to say is, Sephora is really fun and amazing and there are plenty of outlets in the Klang Valley that I can easily visit, but my inner scrooge simply cannot in good conscience pay full price for an item that I know I can get for cheaper elsewhere. *coughonlinecough* Which is why when Sephora Malaysia had its Black Card member sales last month, I couldn't resist taking a look, and ended up buying a few things from its online store that I may or may not need. (⌒_⌒;)

[If you're wondering how I managed to get to Black Card member status despite not shopping often at Sephora, it's because I've bought stuff from Luxola before, which was bought over by Sephora last year. Subsequently, my Luxola points were converted into Sephora points.]

Enough with the backstory; let's go straight to the (mini) haul!

First up is Ciaté Double Lines, a double-ended eyeliner which has a Precision Tip liquid eyeliner on one side, and a retractable Kohl Kajal eyeliner on the other. I quite like the felt-tip eyeliner side, which is very pigmented and firm enough to ensure sharp cat-eye flicks. I've never used kohl eyeliner before, but I love how it's much creamier and pigmented than regular pencil eyeliners.

Ciaté Glow Pop

Another item I got is the adorable little Ciaté Glow Pop, which is a matte creme bronzer. I plan to use this to practice my contouring skills, using the...

...Sigma F57 Emphasize Contour brush, the final item in my Sephora haul. I admit, this is more of an impulse purchase because it had just been newly listed on Sephora when I was browsing during the sale, and I thought "Why not, since I'm already getting the bronzer and don't have a contour brush like this?" (Also because there were only 2 left in stock LOL #kiasu) I also managed to nab the GWP for any Sigma brush purchase, which includes a makeup brush pouch and travel-size E25 Blending brush. I already have a silver one from a previous purchase, so I'm glad to have this pink one to add to the collection. (。✪‿✪。)

Well, that's all for my mini Sephora sales haul! I've been hauling waaaay too much makeup these past few months. (ºДº) I've yet to use half of the items I bought in my April Gmarket haul, and now I'm waiting for the remaining items from my new Gmarket haul(s) to arrive. (๑>◡<๑) Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review: Mentholatum Sugar Lip Lipbalm in 02 Dancing Pink & 04 Rock'n Pink

♫ Bebe Rexha - No Broken Hearts (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Well, it's been a while since I last used a lip balm, so I was rather interested to find these Mentholatum Sugar Lip lip balms at my doorstep a couple months back.

Its formulation features brown sugar in the recipe, which works to nourish and smoothen your lips. It also acts as a natural humectant that seals in moisture and keeps lips feeling hydrated. Makes sense, as most - if not all - homemade lip scrubs have brown sugar as the main ingredient. I received two out of the four shades available in Malaysia: 02 Dancing Pink and 04 Rock'n Pink.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review: Isa Knox Micro Foam Cushion Silk Cover #23 Natural Beige

♫ 傅又宣 - 爱.这件事情

As the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to cosmetics, I am all too guilty of being attracted to the packaging first, above all else. If you're a fellow makeup hoarder collector, I'm sure you have the exact same sentiment. (~˘▾˘)~ So when I saw this beauty on Gmarket, I just knew I had to get my hands on it.

Get it I did in my Gmarket haul, and I am happy to report that it is every bit as pretty as in the product photos.

Oops, I think I forgot to formally introduce you to my latest love, the Isa Knox Micro Foam Cushion Silk Cover. There are two shades for this BB cushion, and the one I chose is the darker of the two, #23 Natural Beige. Isa Knox is a skincare brand under LG Cosmetics Korea, and this BB cushion is their latest offering for 2016. I can't read Hangul, so I'm not sure whether it's a limited edition casing, but gosh darn it the cherry blossom design paired with the pastel  hues of Pantone Color(s) of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz and Serenity, is so pretty I could cry. ಥ_ಥ

Without further ado, let's begin the review!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Gmarket Korea Haul (April 2016)


Ever since my first Gmarket haul 4 years ago (has it really been that long?!), I've never purchased anything from Gmarket because buying directly was a very complicated process, and going through an agent was pretty expensive. Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago, when I discovered that Gmarket Korea was finally open to international buyers, and there was a special $5 flat shipping rate to Malaysia.

The rest, as they say, is history. My giant box of early Christmas presents Korean skincare and makeup goodies arrived within 10 days of payment, and I'm really excited to show you my haul. :D

I knew that consolidated Gmarket parcels would be packed in a big box and sent out together for international deliveries, but I was not prepared for how big it actually was! Σ(゜ロ゜;) It's fun to open the box and see a bunch of smaller boxes waiting to be opened though. (≧∇≦)

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