Friday, July 22, 2011

Koji Dolly Wink Limited Edition Liquid Eyeliner

♫ ST☆RISH - マジ Love 1000%

The lovely Dolly Wink Limited Edition Eyeliners are finally here! ♥

While walking around Isetan, The Gardens with YC before the movie (Harry Potter! Wheee~), I saw this table that made me go all starry-eyed...

Koji products!
So naturally I went over and was delighted to see the limited edition Dolly Wink eyeliners on display there. I asked the sales assistant and she told me they were having a promotion for them, and those on display were the only ones left. Being the kiasu type to be suckered in by cute limited edition items, I couldn't resist.

Limited Edition Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner, RM49 (Normal retail price RM55.90)
Plus, I figured it would match the pencil eyeliner I bought last year, which is from the Koji Lash Specialist Limited Edition Black Mascara + Pencil Eyeliner set. 

Koji Lash Specialist Limited Edition set
These 3 make such a cute set omg
I haven't opened the new liquid eyeliner yet because I'm still using my current one from Empro, but I can show you how the pencil eyeliner and mascara from Koji Lash Specialist look like. The pencil eyeliner is the retractable type.
(click for larger image)

I love the deep black colour of both the eyeliner and mascara. I do not often apply mascara, but whenever I do put this on, it gives my eyelashes more volume and adds a bit of length. As for the eyeliner, it was quite creamy when I first opened it, but now it has hardened slightly. Normally I like to use liquid eyeliner to achieve a more accurate and thin line. However, this is my go-to eyeliner for days when I want a thicker line and want my eyeliner to stay on all day, or to get that natural/'smudged' eye makeup look. :) And when I say all day, I mean all day. This pencil eyeliner definitely has some staying power! 

I was sorely tempted to get the Dolly Wink cream eyeshadow in 01 Gold as well, but since it wasn't on promotion, I decided to skip it for the time being. They also had a "Buy 2 Free 1" promotion for the Dolly Wink nail polish, but I'd already bought the colours I wanted before CNY with the same promo, AND they don't allow Malaysia to bring in the pastel green for some weird reason. (Plus I was running on limited funds that day. >_<) 

If it's one makeup product I cannot live without, it's eyeliner.

Convinced myself to buy it so that it'd match the pencil eyeliner LOL

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